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MSPs Explained: Managed Service Providers and What They Can Do For Your Business

MSP stands for “Managed Service Provider”, and in simplified terms, an MSP is an outsourced technical support provider. Outsourcing your technical needs is a strategic method to help improve operations inside your day-to-day business. Additionally, using an MSP is a more cost-efficient choice than hiring an in-house IT staff or solution.

What’s the difference between an IT Consultant and an MSP?

The approach to handling problems differentiates between a typical IT consultant and an MSP. IT consultants are typically reactive, coming to help when there are issues. On the other hand, MSPs tend to be more proactive, working ahead with the goal that no problems are encountered.

There are also pricing advantages to working with an MSP rather than IT consultants. MSPs have a monthly flat rate that covers all maintenance and operations, while IT consultants typically charge per hour.

What do MSPs do?

MSPs monitor and support your IT systems to ensure that they are running smoothly and catch any problems before they arise. MSPs also offer constant monitoring, updating, and overall management of your systems to make sure there are no security threats or breaches. They keep you safe while also being able to handle any issues that may develop.

Would an MSP benefit me? There are many industries that benefit from having an MSP, however, they are especially beneficial for industries that are IT reliant or under security regulations such as healthcare, legal, manufacturing, engineering, accounting and many more. If you want specific examples of what TierTek can do for your business, please reach out to us anytime.

Additional Benefits of having an MSP

When you go through an MSP you get IT help from highly skilled and experienced experts who have invested into their systems, usually, these systems are more high-tech and more advanced than if your company was to build its own IT department.

Outsourcing your IT solutions to a Managed Service Provider not only makes financial sense but also allows businesses to relieve the stress of having to worry about any IT needs that can distract from business goals. There’s more time to focus on your business when you don’t have to worry about your IT or network safety! For more information about how TierTek can improve your business operations by being your MSP, please contact us anytime.

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